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Are you a Indianapolis area business owner looking to improve your property’s landscape? Or are you looking to upgrade your premises to reflect the quality and personality of your business? Vivid Landscape is proud to offer top-quality commercial landscaping and lawn care services. You can trust our grounds care specialists to get the job done right the first time.

From lawn maintenance to lighting and design, our business will strive to make yours look professional and inviting.

Full Service Landscape Management

The Vivid Landscape Crew diligintly keeps your property in tip-top shape, year-round, with mowing, edging, trimming and pruning.

Turf Health Services

To promote and maintain the health of your turf, we stay one step ahead of weeds, diseases and pests.

Irrigation Service

We offer complete irrigation services, seasonal diagnostics, regular inspections, adjustments and repairs.

Landscape Design & Installation

Vivid Landscape isn’t just our name, we will add that “pop” of color with plants and flowers to enhance the beauty of any landscape, all year long.

Snow & Ice Removal

Property maintenance doesn’t end when the grass stops growing. When the snow and ice show up, you can rest easy that your parking lot and sidewalks have been properly treated and cleared before your first employee or customer even shows up.

Industrial Parks • Apartment Communities • HOAs • Banks • Retail • Restaurants • Hotels & Hospitality • Healthcare Facilities


Zionsville, Indiana
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